Why Google Won’t Talk To Us?

I’m pretty sure that not only marketers, but also web designers, developers and for sure business owners have used or are using Google services such as Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

But have you ever tried to actually talk to them? I know all their services are free and well, they don’t need to provide us with real representatives, but you have to admit…sometimes you would like to actually speak with someone, an actual person.
Once I manage to get to their REAL contact form, took me like 4 days of answering hundreds of preset questions they have. I saved that email in case I needed to contact Google again and well, the day came and I tried to send my assistance request to Google: an automated message came:
We’d like to get you the fastest answer to your AdWords question and it would really help us if you could resubmit your question through the ‘Contacting Us’ link in the AdWords Help Center at https://adwords.google.com/support/aw/?hl=en. By using the Help Center to select the appropriate category for your question, you may even find the answer to your question right away. We’re unable to process emails that are sent directly to adwords-support@google.com.
Took me right back to the non-sense questionnaire… I was quite close to shoot myself in the head.
Google rocks in many aspects…unfortunately socializing is not one of them.
Have you guys contacted Google directly?


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