Understanding SEO Importance for Your Website Productivity

First of all, for those who don’t have a clue about SEO practice should understand that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is actually more than just a simple technique to increase traffic and sell products or services. In fact SEO represents a science. The most important and effective science existing on the internet.
Of course, SEO is not the only solution for getting tons and tons of traffic to your site, but without a doubt, SEO is the most effective one.
Understanding SEO Importance for Your Website Productivity Why am I saying that? Well…let’s just take things as they are: You for example get traffic from a website with related content to yours. The traffic which comes from that website is pointing to the impression of your post on that writer who linked to your page which means that user may or may not like what it will find there so as a result the user may or may not come back to your site.
Things are pretty different with SEO because it helps you to build constant growing traffic which also helps you to gain credibility and trust from your visitors. Gaining trust is very important because is the one that helps you to build a real community so, as a result you will get RSS Readers, more Twitter followers and people who are interested in buying your products or just interested in the information or services you are offering.

Why SEO traffic is better than any other type of traffic?

1. It helps you to get more money
For publishers that use Affiliate programs or PPC campaigns, it was scientifically proven that traffic which comes from search engines is more likely to click on your Ads than other source of traffic.
2. It helps you build a community
As I said before, traffic that comes from SEO methods is sort of permanent because is the one that places users in the place that they want to be, your site.
3. Get more RSS Readers, Twitter Followers, Facebook fans for your website page
SEO articles are the ones that build credibility and trust so, as a sign of respect, the users will follow you on twitter, subscribe to your RSS feeds and of course they will know that on your website they will find the information they need and start gaining social media power.
How can u do that?
Well, I’m not going to explain every single part of SEO aspects in this article just because they have been already covered by some other authors in previous posts.
As you might see, I’ve selected these two articles as an example of knowledge you should master before starting to optimize your website. Why these two? Well, as you probably know, content is the most important thing you have to build when you think about SEO because it is the source of attracting people to your site.
When people make a search they always do it in order to find the information they need and search engines like Google and Yahoo! help them to find it. What you are looking for is that search engines will find that information on your website. In order to do that, you need to have the information.
Yes, is pretty simple to create some random simple articles and to say that we have content. Is it enough? No, because search engines place all the results after their relevance and also quality.
How does search engines work?
As I said before, search engines place the results considering 3 important criterions: Quality, unique content and relevance of the content written. If you have both, I’m pretty sure you will get what you want which is of course traffic.

1. Quality

a. First of all, to create quality you need to be focused on what you do and to be serious with your domain of activity. Is pretty hard to cover all domains of activity (actually is impossible) so that’s why I recommend you to create a niche based website and start learning about your niche so that you will become an expert.
b. You definitely have to love what you do because once you do it just for the writing, you will get bored and as a result you wouldn’t be able to continue what you do.

2. Unique Content

Is without a doubt the hardest part of creating SEO content. If you would have done this 6-7 years ago, probably it would have been lot much easier, but nowadays because of the mass of information available on the internet is pretty hard to create 100% unique content so that’s why you should try hard to write your content using your own keywords and try to avoid the duplicate content because it is like it doesn’t exist for most important search engines.

3. Relevance

If you stick to your niche and follow the first 2 steps – Quality and unique content, the relevance will be as it doesn’t need to be done by you. I’m saying this because if you do have Quality content and Unique content, users, bloggers and website owners will notice it immediately and you will get back links, recommendations probably reviews. These things will place your article in first spots of web search results so that you will get tons of traffic almost immediately.


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