How to create Sitemap for a Blogger Blog?

We just covered importance of Sitemaps for blogs – websites and15+ Tools to Create Sitemap of a blog or website. None of the tool listed there will be of use to you, if you are using Blogger as your blogging platform.
Why? Blogger automatically creates sitemap for every Blogger Blog. As pointed by Google Webmaster Help Center, Blogger even submits Sitemap for you. So, ideally if you run a Blogger blog you don’t have to do anything. However, if you still want to submit your blog sitemap to any other 3rd party service, here is the default sitemap URL:
In case you use blogging platform other than Blogger, then check tools to create Sitemap. Thanks to Arpit for pointing this out!


  1. I think you need a developer or a designer for sitemap....

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  3. I'm currently writing blogs on both Blogger and wordpress so this article, and the link to your 15+ was very helpful. Using the site map can enhance your on site SEO and pairing it with great off site SEO services can help drive traffic to our blog/website/ Great work!

  4. Reading different posts for sitemap,I came to know one has to mention the no. of posts while submitting sitemap URL.So how to do that ? My blog is on current affairs which has too many posts.

  5. I understand the importance of a sitemap, but what I don't get is what's the different between all the different blogging platforms? All these different seo companies seem to suggest using different ones, between Blogger, wordpress, squidoo, etc. Is there a best one? Or just a matter of opinion?

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