How To Approach Towards Client For SEO Business?

I shared my way of SEO Sales Life Cycle in this; I hope this will help our IMJ fans a bit.
(1) Generate The Lead:
To grow your SEO business, firstly you have to generate the leads.
(2) E-mail to Prospect:
SEO BusinessOnce lead is generated after that we have to get in touch with client through E-mail but make sure not with phone call, because E-mail is the professional way. The E-mail must describe each every information about our services, infrastructure, strength and capabilities, previous work (If possible then show the relevant industries work) along with SEO packages.
(3) Gather (Discover) Requirements:
After sending the E-mail you have to arrange a call or chat session with client to gather information about his requirement and services which client is seeking for. Collect all the information from client like his website address for which he wants SEO services, what is the expectation of client from the service provider, what’s the budget of client, where he is located and he want services only for local or he want to represent the whole world, get information about competitors, get full knowledge of his business and  which industry he wants to target, etc.
(4) Analysis:
Once the information is discovered you need to start the analysis of clients website. The analysis must include each every information about the particular website like, On-page optimization status, Off-page optimization status,  Social media presence , Navigational structure , Coding issues , Conversion ability etc. Prepare a full detailed review report for the particular website and deliver it to the client.
(5) Convince The Client:
After sending the analysis report to client again arrange a meeting on call or chat to explain the whole report to client and also give some recommendation for the same. Give the full explanation about our packages and give the suggestion as well. Still client is not getting convinced then you can also go for customized plan as per clients requirements. We can also offer discount or cut down the cost but only for the long term clients.
(6) ROI(Return On Investment):
Provide ROI (Return On Investment) for all the plan and explain to client that what he is investing and what he will going to get by investing on your services, explain in currency figures so that client will get more confidence on you.
(7) Commitments and Deliverable:
You have to give commitments and time frame to prove your commitments. Never give any false commitment to the client, if you do so then it will be very harmful for the business and it will ruin your reputation in the market. As SEO is a long term process so give commitment accordingly, so it will be beneficial for both.
(8) Maintenance and Support:
Actually the business secret is that you can generate comparatively more revenue from maintenance (the site which ranked already) and support because it will increase your ROI. You need to allot less resource on particular project and generate more revenue so it will increase your ROI. So once your contract will complete with client then try hard to convince the client to go for maintenance and support services.


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