The Birth of Search Engines as We Know Them

In early 1994, the first real search engine—which included a spider that crawled entire websites and indexed
them according to relevance—was born. This step forward in search and indexing technology preempted
the launch of many innovative search engines that year. Among the newcomers were Lycos, Infoseek, and

The mid to late ‘90s saw a rapid expansion of theWeb, with millions and millions of pages of content being
created and indexed by search engines. By late 1996, Lycos had already indexed some 60 million pages of

The rapid growth of online content led to the emergence of a much greater problem with all search engines:
the relevance of the results returned for keyword searches. A simple search algorithm would work sufficiently
well with a database of 10,000 documents, but trying to return the most relevant site out of an index of 100
million documents was another story altogether.

Source: The SEO Business Guide


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