5 Twitter Job Services For Some Real-Time Job Search

Twitter may not merit a serious look as a job hunting and recruitment tool. But that’s something a fresher or even an experienced professional will be ill advised to overlook. You can bet that when Twitter increasingly has the power to spread revolutions, it can be a vital ally of your job hunting campaign.
In its overreaching popularity lies its job hunting prowess. Companies are increasingly using it spread their updates. Vacancies and recruitment’s are just one of them.
Even if you do a simple search for a job lead on Twitter, you will be surprised at the number of links that total up. I am not even telling you to do an advanced Twitter search or develop industry specific social strategy. We are talking here of Twitter services that do the job of distilling relevant job tweets for you so that you can find jobs on Twitter.
Here are five of them.

Tweet My Jobs

find jobs on twitter
Somehow the image on this Twitter job app says it all. It is probably the largest Twitter job board on the web. The About page says that they have 10,052 vertical job channels segmented by geography, job type, and industry. The service is used by people on both sides of the table, the recruiters as well as the job seekers. It is free for job seekers. As a job seeker, you can sign-up and subscribe to a channel of your interest. Any news jobs available are sent as instant notifications as a Twitter feed or on your mobile. Beyond this, you can use the service like a regular job site: post your resume to companies or forward jobs to friends. Using TweetMap, a Google Maps mashup, you can geographically target jobs of your interest.


twitter how to find a job
This Twitter job search engine is another well designed and maintained service which could be the answer to your job search prayers. You can instantly sign-in with your Twitter account and start a hunt. The site allows you to save jobs to your account, have an online resume, and network.  Creating a profile on this web service involves some fine-detailing as recruiters see what has been posted. You can also link the public LinkedIn URL or any other online CV you might have. The Advanced Search is just one way to trawl through Twitter job updates. For an industry specific browse, you can go to the directory which lists ‘Job Accounts’ for selected countries. Using the Job Map, you can visually see the jobs that have been tweeted about in the last 72 hours. The site also has a free iPhone app.

Job Shouts

twitter how to find a job
The easiest way to get the dope on the latest job postings collected by this site is via Twitter. JobShouts.com is a social search tool for jobs across many job boards that include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. All jobs are screened by the site, so the potential to hit the genuine ones is much higher for the job seeker.


twitter how to find a job
Jobseekers can search for jobs related to their interests and like most Twitter services, you can target jobs by location. Think of Tweetajob as a job search engine powered by Twitter. You can choose to receive job tweets on your Twitter feed or as SMS alerts on your mobile phone. Start searching with your Twitter account and build your profile as it helps the service to send you more targeted job alerts. The site is limited to U.S job postings currently.

Twitter JobCast

find jobs on twitter
The site serves as a simple listing for jobs put out by employers. If you have a Twitter account, you can @reply and find out your suitability for the job. Because it is a simple listing with a #hiring hashtag, the quality may not be top-notch, so it falls upon the job seeker to do all the screening before applying for the job.  The listing covers United States, Australia, Canada, UK, and India.
Do you know of any other search tools to find jobs on Twitter that we can add to the list? Also, do let us know if you have ever managed to bag a job with the help of Twitter.


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