3 Browser-Based Tools To Block Any Domains from Google Search Results

Google has been doing a good job improving the quality of search results and fighting web spam. They are doing their best introducing various experiments trying to find out what you want while focusing on genuinely useful pages.
However you can’t please everyone and we have already shared some tips on improving Google search results including this post on the modified Google search versions that may improve your searching experience. Also, we have already listed some cool tools to highlight your favorite domains in search results. Today’s post is something related but absolutely different.
You might notice some familiar domains that pop up in the top 10 search results again and again. Chances are, you miss some variety and want to get rid of some sites you tend to see often. Here are a few browser-based tools for you to filter out any domains from search results.

1. Google Hit Hider By Domain

Search engines supported: Google
Works in: Firefox 4 (via Greasemonkey).
Google Hit Hider by Domain lets you block domains from Google search results via the “Block” button:
block domains from google search results
The button lets you:
  • Block sites and domains (you can still see them within the results in gray);
  • “Perma-ban” (block domains completely without any trace);
  • See the list of your blocked domains:
Google Hit Hider by Domain
If you choose the first option (just block the domain), the result will still be there but without any clutter:
Google Hit Hider by Domain
The script help section, blocked domain list and the options are accessible via a tiny badge to the right:
Block domains

2. Search Noise Reduction

Search engines supported: Google and Bing
Works in: The script is advertised to work only in Opera but it does also work in Firefox 4 (via Greasemonkey).
Search Noise Reduction is a little userscript that adds a tiny scissors icon next to each search result.
Search Noise Reduction
Clicking the icon lets you specify how much from the domain you want to block: a subdirectory, a subdomain or all the domain results:
Search Noice Reduction
Note: The script will only work for your first search or for all your searches if you always use your browser search box. If you continue searching using the Google search box, the Google search results URL will look like this:
- which for some reason disables the script. So if you want the script to always work, you will have to initiate a new search session each time by searching from your browser search box (or from Google Toolbar).
You can access your block list as well as save it locally by using the tiny icon at the top-right:
block domains from google search results

3. Personal Blocklist (by Google)

Search engines supported: Google
Works in: Google Chrome
Personal Blocklist (see our review of the extension here: Personal Blocklist: Block Unwanted Search Results In Google [Chrome]) is the official Google extension for Google Chrome. According to the description, Google analyzes your blocking patterns to make conclusions about its search engine results page usefulness:
When you choose to block or unblock a pattern, the extension will also transmit to Google the URL of the web page on which the blocked or unblocked search results are displayed. You agree that Google may freely use this information to improve our products and services.

Some Features To Play With

  • Hide the browser button by right-clicking on it and selecting “Hide button”.
  • Import and export a list of patterns.
  • Block host of currently active tab.
block domains from google search results
Any other fun addons to block domains from Google search results to remove noise? Please let us know your thoughts!


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