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After having written more than a dozen books, there is one thing that I can say for sure: no book is written without a ton of helpful people guiding, pushing, and providing for the author. Before even acknowledging that team, though, I must say thanks to God for giving me a talent that few people possess and the means by which to use that talent.
There is an entire team at Wiley that I owe a huge thank-you to. These people — Katie Mohr, Mary Beth Wakefield, Tom Dinse, and a good dozen or so other people whom I never get to speak to — are responsible for making this book a reality. They handle production from beginning to end, and without them, there would be no book.
My favorite development editor in the world is among those I owe thanks to as well. Bill Bridges has worked with me on several books now, and he’s the reason that my words are spelled and ordered correctly and not full of clich├ęs. Without Bill, the book would be half the quality that it is now. Thanks, friend!
And then there’s Micah Baldwin. Micah put lots of hours into ensuring the technical accuracy of the text within these pages. His suggestions (and saves) have kept my facts true. Thanks, Micah.
All the interviews included in Appendix B were also gifts to me. Thanks to each of you who took the time to talk to me, to answer my sometimes dumb questions, and to allow me to pass your wisdom on to our readers. Your help provided valuable insight for me, as I hope it will for the reader as well.
Thanks, too, to my Mobile family. Big Jennifer and Little Jennifer, Rick, and James — you’re my support system. And you’re there when I need you; you leave when I need space, and you understand that brain drain from writing is a temporary situation and love me still. Without you and our weekly dinners, I wouldn’t be able to function nearly as effectively. Thanks, guys! And thanks to you for reading the book. I hope you find all the information you seek.
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