Monitor Your Local Search Engine Positions with Local Search Rank Tracker

Local Search Rank Checker is a nice web-based tool that lets you check and track your local search engine positions efficiently. Here’s a quick overview of its features (you can run your own test drive and share your opinion: this doesn’t require any registration or payment)

Track Your Local Rankings

The tool is very easy to use. To start, you don’t even have to login: just provide the following details for a test drive:
  • Your search terms (you can provide maximum of 25 local phrases for one free / basic report);
  • Your domain name;
  • Your country (US or UK)
  • Your company details (optional);
  • The search engines you want the tool to crawl:
Local rankings

View the Report

The resulting report contains the following details:
  • Your current position in each search engine;
  • Your last position;
  • The type of the result (organic, directory listing, local – e.g. Google Places)
Local rankings

Here’s a quick infographic that gives an even more detailed explanation of what you get in your report:
Local rankings
You can export the report as a CSV and/or PDF file.
You can also report incorrect results in your find any.
A few more essential details you need to know when using the tool:
  • It digs through the top 50 search results within all search engines and local search engines;
  • Apart from the specified search engines, it also crawls local directories to spot the business mentions there.

Save the Report

As a user you can test it out for free 5 times before being prompted to register for a package and 30 day Free trial. An account allows you to save your reports. So you get a more complete experience when logged in.
You can also schedule a weekly or monthly ranking report and specify five email addresses to have the report emailed to.

Don’t Miss the Contest!

There’s a fun competition held on BrightLocal. The winner will get lifetime’s FREE access to the Local Search Rank Checker tool for themselves and for their favorite local business.


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