SEO Tips for Pictures and Videos

When I design websites for my clients, I take care that the SEO is done properly. Text based SEO is rather easy, and almost anyone can do it. What most people don’t know is that SEO is possible for pictures and videos as well. Sometimes a site is heavy on videos and images, so here are some SEO tips for such sites.

SEO tips for PICTURES:

1. Set the right images

It is very important to find the correct images. Why? Because they add to the beauty of the page and can generate some good back links. Researches show that images are the basic selling feature of any website. You can find some good images at Flickr. You can also look up Google images to find some great ones.

2. Keywords as usual

Yes keywords have a place in images as well. They should be present in the file name of the image. An image named “ipalbum00002322.jpg” does not contain a lot of info. But an image with the name “Christmas trees” will be more specific to the image.

3. Alter the alt text

Alt text will help search engines to understand what your page is about. Since search engine spiders cannot ‘see’ the image and determine its content, you need to add captions to help them understand an image. Another important field to notice is the anchor text. If you are linking text with images, then the anchor text should contain the keyword.

4. Don’t overload it

This point actually goes for all types of SEO. Even if you are doing SEO for text, don’t over do it. Make sure that the captions, file names, and alt text are short and descriptive. Do not use an entire list of keywords. Your images must be optimized for the site visitors.

SEO tips for VIDEO:

1. Uploading begins at home

If you want to upload a video on your site, and on video submission sites as well (like YouTube), post it on your website first. This way you can get links by making use of embed codes.

2. Exclusive videos at the site

When I do video SEO, I make sure that my site has something extra for the users- something that is available solely on my website, and nowhere else. For example, sometime I post a video in two parts. Part 1 is available on both YouTube and my website, but part 2 is only on my website, so they have to visit me to learn more.

3. Keywords, again

Just like you would include keywords in image file names, include them in video file names as well. Same goes for tag and title of the video.

4. Make a video sitemap

Make a video sitemap. Search engine spiders love sitemaps. They make things easier for them. So make a video sitemap, and let the crawlers go through your videos more easily. When search engine crawlers are able to read the videos, you will get high rank benefits.

5. Link it up

Build both internal and external links to videos. Videos are judged by link standards, like everything else on the web.

6. Optimize the URL

Keyword- optimize the URL of the page where you are placing the video. This can be done by using keywords while naming the page. Include just one video on one page for best results.

7. Go social

And then there are social media strategies. Bookmark, tweet or talk about the video on social media websites to gather some links.

8. Distribute them

There are many ways to do so. Use Traffic Geyser or TubeMogul to broaden the horizon of the video on internet.
 One final bonus tip: create a transcript of the video. Search engines cannot watch the video, but they can certainly go through the transcript if it is available. And you can always mention your keywords a few times more in there.


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