The best SEO Tools Overview OnPage analysis

Who wants to make a OnPage analysis, knows the dilemma: So many tools, where do I start? The most important tool for search engine optimization is indeed common sense, but why not take this with a few tools under their arms? The best tools for OnPage analysis we present here.

Initial review of the page:

Yahoo! Site Explorer

Yahoo! Site ExplorerSite Explorer shows all the users on Stored Backlinks Yahoo! on such and so gives an overview of the link structure of the current page. Whether you are from your own site would take a close look at the links or the competitors, the Site Explorer is quick and easy . Links are still an important element in the field of SEO, so far is a regular link query top SEO duty. In the presentation of the results can be expected that undertakes a rating Yahoo!. It is striking that links relevant under the front results are found with a high. In the list will continue to go backwards more, the more insignificant the link submitter Domains Another way how to do a backlink query via Yahoo is "linkdomain:" on the box with the command. However, it is not about a tool or a plug-in and thus is at this point no further discussion on it.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming FrogThe Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a small and free desktop program that you download the. OnPage addition to a detailed analysis of the website, you can also review important OffPage elements . The results of the analysis you can export as Excel file. The tool shall include information concerning the external and internal links of a page, the anchor text and the status of the links, so they follow or nofollow is whether. TheScreaming Frog is a very useful tool, you get a lot of relative information and can process by the export function yet.Screaming Frog Screenshot

open site explorer

OpenSiteExplorerThe open site explorer is a very simple and transparent tool. All you need to do an analysis, is enter the URL and "Get Data Link" button. It is even possible to enter a second URL to compare. You get a nice overview of its back links and the associated anchor text . In addition, the domain with an internal ranking evaluated yet, the Page Authority and the Domain Authority. Both values ​​are between 0-100 and as always, the higher the better. The big downside to this tool is that the number of links in the free version is regulated. Who needs more information, have a paid account is down. All in all, so it's a very transparent tool that is a first overview of a page very well suited for.

Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link SleuthWith the free tool Xenu can primarily detect links no longer function . This one generated a "Broken Link Report, all internal and external links checked the. Images can thus checked for duplicate content and can be identified.
The Xenu tool is very thorough, the results are very complex and exporting of data is possible without problems. It is important to accurately define the settings in advance, such as "low" side of the tool is to check that. The lower the tool into the various levels of the website goes, the longer the load times.For large websites that may well already be several times hours.

SEO Back Link Checker

SEO-unitedEven with SEO-United thoughts one has a back link checker made ​​and the results speak for themselves. All you need to do the domain name and security code and enter the already obtained a free analysis.Alternatively, one can still show or the link popularity of the domain can be. In his own words isSEO-United Backlink Check for more domains suitable relatively young, for here is the display of backlinks piece was limited to 1000 .

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster-toolsYes, the webmaster tools of Google are pretty good to his website to coordinate the activities. To enjoy this tool to get into, but you need a website and a Google Mail account. Now you have the login page and data already available to the Webmaster of any significant numbers and ranges. Information on the site, search queries, keywords, traffic, potential problems are provided and the user can see how the side view of the Google crawler is made. But as I said, the Webmaster Tools are only available to webmasters and are suitable only for his own registered domain . Who wants to check other domains so will have no luck here.
This closes after six tools presented our first new series. Following you can you discuss to your heart's content about the advantages and disadvantages of each tool. In the first article, we first limited to the free tools. If you have used tools that we should take time for you under the microscope, just bring it and just leave a comment.
To overview of a page to give first one is, and remains SeoQuake the tool of choice. The tool access offers in various indicators such as PageRank (PR), number of indexed pages, backlinks, age of the page and outbound links. What are the key figures in the bar will be displayed, the preferences are selected individually. SEO professionals For more information, holds SeoQuake ready yet. Clicking on "Info" you can see if the page robots txt and has a map and get by clicking on "yes" each access.
SeoQuake properly setup is not as easy as using an incorrect setting, the tool asks the data from the time, and you may be blocked for other queries also. So that you do not turn out you can see here, have set as their trainees SEO Tool:
Similar works SeoQuake SEO for Firefox . By XRay SEO and Site information is obtained at a Glance other useful metrics. In addition, however, also backlinks from. Edu and. Gov domains appear. SeoQuake and SEO for Firefox, however, draw their data from different sources, so it makes sense to use tools in parallel with both.
firebugAs another essential tool is Firebug mentioned. Firebug is enabled in the feature Inspect and it passes over the page with the mouse, will put HTML code at the bottom of the window . The code can be rewritten in the window and the change is directly visible on the page.Prima check to impact a small change has some. For Firebug, there are a number of extensions that the tool can be adapted perfectly to an SEO needs to. These include YSlow and SenSEO (see below).

Recognize hidden potential

Did you get an overview won on the page, it is important to identify the hidden potential. These two tools are particularly well: the Screaming Frog and Senseo.
screaming frogThe Screaming Frog SEO Spider , we had the first part of our series already mentioned, for he is also very good for backlinks of a page with their respective anchor text view. But even for the OnPage analysis is the Screaming Frog of great help, because it reflects the internal structure of a page. At a glance, it looks as if the right to use H-Tags, Title and Description if every page is unique, and the redirects are set up correctly. Even more inaccessible sites (status code 404) are shown. especially helpful is getting this data not only for a bottom, but the same for the entire domain. It All data can be exported in CSV format.

In order to check a domain forwarding, you can also Live HTTP Headers use. The advantage:The data is Live HTTP Headers loaded very quickly , while the Screaming Frog until the entire domain must crawl before data is available.
SenSEO is the aforementioned extension for Firebug. The analysis SenSEO get concrete information of what the domain is still in disarray . For the areas of meta tags, robot instructions, headings, page content, domain name and path marks are awarded. We see areas of SEO measures which are already well implemented in, and where are needs and potentials yet.

The speed improvement page

The charging rate of a page is an officially certified by Google ranking criterion. Here it is assumed that the HTML code in max. 1.5 seconds should be charged. For small domains, the 1.5 seconds are usually not a problem, but for larger sites and online shops there is still potential here often. To analyze the speed YSlow page is particularly good.
YSlow is also an extension for Firebug. The tool analyzes websites on all the factors that negatively affect the loading time. As with SenSEO and Marks are given specific instructions and tips how to speed page can be improved . Special Bonus: There are only recommendations not given, but this also explains why and how these recommendations can help the side. It's great for SEO beginners!

If everything goes right here with things? See what Google sees

Has it even side of a savvy webmaster to do with, they can also then look at me, how Google sees it. This is what the User Agent Switcher , which lets the browser identification change itself. So you can work around locks browser or impersonate another person. If you select "Googlebot 2.1" from, you get to see the page as to how the Googlebot sees. If the representations of human users and Googlebot not match, then you have found a case of cloaking. One famous example of Amazon: What the customer sees and what Google sees is not identical.
useful tool to provide instructions to the search engine to check Another isSeerobots . The tool shows in the bottom right of the browser window, if a page or index is set to noindex . If a page accidentally set to noindex times, the tool displays the same in bright red at this. Even if the left side to follow or nofollow are is indicated by the tool and visualized.

Still missing something?

Our survey shows that there is just for the OnPage area very many good SEO tools. Do we still remember a great and free tool available? Then leave us a comment, because of course we get to see SEO Trainees like to do, and new tools that can help us in our SEO work.


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