101+ URLs List To Help You Become a Better Blogger

Ask ten bloggers to tell you what a blog, or weblog, is and you get ten different answers. It’s surprisingly difficult to nail down an exact definition of a blog, because the term refers both to a type of web-based publication as well as to the underlying publishing platform.
Everybody can be a writer, but only some are good and few are truly talented. While a blogger doesn’t need to be a Shakespeare, he should be above average at the very least in order to keep his readers coming back. This means having both a way with words as well as being creative. Once you’ve gained an idea of what blogs can do for you, it’s time to look at the requirements for setting one up. These requirements are in themselves fairly low, since there are plenty of tools freely available.
I’m very happy to present to you my list of the best 101 blogging lists on the internet. If you want to add a list, just comment below and I will add it up.

Make Money from your blog

1. Profitable Blogging Secrets
Many ‘Profit With Blogging Guides’ Are Simply Too Vague…But The Step By Step System You Are About To Learn Will Propel You From Novice to Expert Marketer In Double Quick Time!
A short, straight to the point list. What I love about this one is that it goes over how to make money without looking like a blogger who’s in it just for the money.
If You Have A Few Hours Per Week, Then We Can Show You How To Earn Significant Income With Your Own Blog! Step by Step (by Step).
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I recommend anyone who wants a genuine opportunity to make money online sign up for a free blog before they run out.
An awesome, short list of how you can make money from keywords.
Take advantage of making the most money from your blog by reading this cool article that will show you what you should focus on.
113 ideas on how to make $$$ online. Simple enough.
Step 1 of making money through blogger: Knowing what to blog about!

Driving Traffic to your blog

Google Sniper 2.0

Some people are visual learners, and there has been a list with 7 great videos to help you use Social Media sites better.
A great list with some pretty good points on how to use Social Media to it’s fullest.
Some of the points covered in this post are more easier said than done, but I find it is a good way to give you ideas for getting more site traffic.
You should be careful of where you advertise your blog, especially if you’re a new blogger. This is a great list of articles to help you start promoting better.
Based off Chris Brogan’s list of 50 Ways Marketers Can use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing, this list is just organized into sections to help organize it better.
It turns out that just because you have an amazing article, you still won’t be guaranteed being successful on Social Media sites.
Grow your traffic in 11 great ways.
Technorati is an incredible website, and it is hard for most bloggers to use it to it’s fullest
What’s better than a list of dofollow forums? Not much, here is another cool list of a ton of dofollow forums.



Your Mandatory WordPress Plugin. Now Powering More Than 2,500,000+ WordPress Pages And Growing!
A great list of SEO tips and tricks to better your SEO for your blog.
An article covering 69 ways to build your links.
A list of link building that makes you say “holy crap”. Might take a while to load, so careful.
Another link building article from the best SEO place on the internet.
Yaro Starak is my blogging idol, and this is just another piece of advice that makes him such an amazing blogger.
A beginner, but an essential optimization checklist for everyone out there.
Be very careful: Read this post and to the opposite of every thing said in it. If you do anything listed, you should stop. I only include this so you can learn the difference between getting backlinks the right way, and the bad way.
A pretty straightforward SEO blog post, it’s a checklist of 20 SEO tips you should implement to your WP blog.
A short list, but it’s very important. Google makes or break your website, you have to be able to know how to cooperate with them.

Blog Design

Amazing list of 100 free WordPress themes.
WordPress has so many things to call in the header, there’s no need to do it with PHP. Remove these 13 tags from your blog, and you should see a difference in your blogs loading time.
A fantastic selection of WordPress themes that all have one thing in common: they have 3 columns.
Probably the biggest theme list I’ve seen. It has free and premium themes in it.
What’s better than a great looking theme? One that is SEO friendly. Check out this blog post for both of those features.
An article which is basically a list of places to get design inspiration. Whether your online or offline, it’s all there. Great list for blog designers.
Nowadays blog themes set your blog apart from the other blogs. Every theme should be appealing to the eye, and there are some things you can do to make it that great.
A good design for your blog is just essential. Without one, you can lose quite a large handful of potential readers.
As a blogger, you should always be looking to improving your log in every aspect. The design, being one of the most important things of the blog is always something you should keep in mind. Check out this article to understand what I mean.
Who knew Blogger could look so good?
A followup to the link above.
Quite a large collection of free Blogger templates.
Add a little style to your blog design! Check out this awesome list of icon sets.
RSS buttons need to be noticeable so you get more subscribers. Try these icons on for size.
Probably the most important thing in a design is readability. If you don’t have that, then you really don’t have a good design.
Try reading these 7 tips to make your blogs design look even better.
Your headings need to be exceptional because they are the things that organize your content.
A follow up to the above list.

Tools/Hacks + Addons

A GODLY list of WordPress tools you should use.
A must read for bloggers who really want to push their WordPress powered blog to it’s limits.
Blogging through the platform of choice is simple enough, but what about for all you FIrefox users who want it even easier? This article goes over 10 Firefox addons to really kick off your blogging style.
An amazing list of plugins you should look into adding to your blog. I’ve never seen most of the plugins listed.
A list of 10 really cool WP plugins you may or may have not seen before.
Must have tools for any blogger.
Comments are hard to get on a blog sometimes. Make it easier by taking advantage of these 10 killer plugins.

General Blogging Tips

Freakin’ awesome list of how Tom Sinfield learned about goals from Mountain climbing.
There’s no better way to blog then with a team. Here are 35 killer tips to managing that multi-author blog.
A collection of amazing WordPress videos every WordPress blogger should watch.
A list of things you can do to distract you when you’re blogging. I suffer from a couple things listed.
Do you have these traits?
A list that shows how easy it is to screw up a potentially successful blogs.
WordPress just recently launched their WordPress.tv site. A site that is dedicated to WordPress video tutorials for the more visual learning WP users. Check out this list of 10 of the best videos to watch on WP.tv.
RSS is extremely important on your blog. Check out these resources for you feed addicts.
You have to be able to brand yourself in the blogosphere, or you will just end up like a lot of bloggers; a failure. Check out this quick list to help you figure out what you want to do to brand yourself.
A great list that goes into 50 different ways to increase your RSS subscriber count.
A guest post Janith did, this article covers some awesome ways to get RSS subscribers to your blog in some pretty unique ways.
An easy list of 30 tips to help you become a better blogger based off of the experiences of 17 year old blogger Ardit.


WebSites for freelance writers to earn money

Perceive, Prepare, Particularize, Present, Publish + Popularize.
You have to know the rules of writing to write.
It’s always good to brush up on your vocabulary. Let this list of 91 blogging terms help you do just that!
A “no explanation needed, straight to the point, no BS” kind of list.
If you have writing problems, there is a fantastic list of 40 ways to make your content better.
A very early, yet very informative post.
10 easy to understand tips on how to write a blog post.
Most of the time your content does not get read by your visitors. How can you change that?


10 Unique Examples of RSS Feed Designs

Envato always has the best stuff, here is a short list of awesome RSS Feed icons.

From Theme Forest “In the Woods”.

A list of bloggers under 21. Hopefully this is a good enough motivation for you to start getting serious about blogging. There’s a 12 year old blogger there!
A list of some amazingly designed blogs.
What a collection of killer WordPress blog designs. There are truly a lot of great inspirations in this post, check them out.
Everyone has heard about the closing of Blog Rush. In this short, 5 topic list you can find 5 things that can actually be learned from this project.
Staying motivated as a blogger can prove to be a daunting task. Here is a great list of 25 ways to keep that motivation alive.
A list of the best young bloggers out there.
Despite the fact that using a free service like this is not recommended in most cases, there are still quite a few great blogs on them.

Creating a Community

A list of 27 tips that will help you make your blog better. This list has beginning blogger tips, technical things and some other great stuff.
A good community atmosphere is crucial for a blogs success.
No site is perfect, and probably won’t ever be. But you should always look for something that can be improved on your site.


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