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I bet many of you whether website owners or visitors have at least once heard about SEO articles. If not, than we are here to explain what is this and how do they work, why do they work and how to write them correctly and effectively.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimized” thus it is related to something that is strongly bonded with search engines we all perfectly know ( i.e. Google, Yahoo, ask.com etc).  This technique aims at driving traffic to a website by using certain strategically placed keywords. As the Internet grows with an unexpected speed nowadays, there are lots of folks that want you to find them when you search for a business or a product or anything else as a matter of fact on the Web. In order to do that one needs to reach a certain level of visibility so once you are a website owner and you want people to find you, you might want to try to be on the first pages in the search results as this is what people are looking for on the Internet – a fast and easy way to find what the right things.
So let’s say you already have a website and you want people to find you and increase your visibility on the Internet. One of the most effective methods to achieve that is by writing good SEO articles as a matter of fact.  This will help drive traffic to your website and make the content of your website visible in the search engines. You can of course hire a professional freelance writer that specializes in SEO articles but why not trying to follow the quote: “If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”, this way you will know more about your website and become more experienced.

There is nothing complicated about writing good SEO articles, and there is no right or wrong – you just have to follow certain guidelines in order to be successful. I will try to describe some of them that we think will help you get through this.
Write SEO Articles Effectively tips

Care about the content:

When you are writing an article for the SEO, besides thinking about how will the number of your visitors increase or what traffic you might have after you submit the article, try not to forget about the content of your article. You have to write naturally and share information that is interesting to the reader. It should be something your readers could relate to easily and in the end state that the article was useful for their life or business. There is basically no point in writing an article that is perfect from a technical point of view if it doesn’t contain useful information, as this might actually scare of your visitor and bring bad reviews to your website.

You should also pay attention the length of your article, be sure for it to be not too long or you might bore the reader, or too short and uninformative, containing irrelevant information.  Be sure to write original material and try to hit for 100; make a research and combine several sources of information or write from your own experience, what counts is for the material to be unique – because you can’t just copy and paste someone else’s article and claim it as being yours.

The almighty keywords:

Write SEO Articles Effectively tips
Keywords are of course the most important part of an SEO article, because that’s the way to get spotted. These are the set of words that are relevant to the information from your article and they will also help the person that is searching for a certain type of information get to your website and read your article. You can either write your own keywords or try using keyword research tools. According to a research led by Onestat.com: “Of all the search phrases worldwide, about 33% of the surfers use 2-word phrases in search engines.” Three-word phrases came in second (almost 26%), followed by one-word phrases (19%), four-word phrases (almost 13%), and five-word phrases (almost 6%). So try to focus on fewer but strongly related to your article keyword combinations, this might help.

Another good point is to use hypertext links embedded in the content of your article. If you start linking to other good articles or interesting sources, it might boost up your visibility and the search engine might find your article easier.

You should also take into consideration keyword density – the number of times a keyword is used on a webpage divided by the total number of words on the page. Be sure not to over use the keywords you would like to include in your article but try to use them wisely. In general good keyword usage means not the amount of times it is used in an article, but by the combinations of other keywords it sits beside so you might want to consider this when writing your SEO article.

Now slowly sliding to a bit more technical part of this is the Web Page Optimization. In a simple HTML page, there is a section called “Header” that you can find at the beginning of the code. This section contains different meta tags, but the ones you should pay more attention for your SEO article is the Title Tag and the Meta Tag Description. Now remember we talked about keywords? Well this would be a nice place to slide in one of those as search engine spiders usually read the HTML pages from top to bottom, so the faster they pick up keywords – the better.

This was a concise guide to writing good SEO article and I hope it was helpful at some level.  If you still have unanswered question on this subject, research and then research again – you’ll see that the amount of information is endless.


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