SEO is Dead? How Should We Deal With It?

Search Engine Optimization was probably the most effective tool to ensure high traffic on your web pages. SEO optimized text on your site could ensure you get regular hits on your pages, provided you use the right key words within the text. If you are a beginner in the web business, this article will discuss the importance (or NOT) of SEO, and how you can get the maximum traffic to your web site. So if you have been wondering why your web pages get little traffic compared to other similar sites, or why your page rankings don’t seem to budge, read on!

Is SEO As Effective Today? – This is a commonly asked question amongst the web developers of today. The answer is arguably a ‘no’. SEO is NOT as important as it used to be!
Today is the age of social media, and a person need not depend entirely on search engines, to get a valid piece of information. He or she could rather log on to Facebook or Twitter to be presented with a range of human opinions on literally any given topic out there. Moreover, the average Internet user today can see through keyword-stuffed articles at one sight.


People are increasingly drifting away from search engines and towards social media today. Facebook has an all-new ‘like’ option which can instantaneously offer any user the chance to promote a post on the site. So, instead of people going to Google search to find information on a topic, they can today consult their friend circle on Facebook to get multiple opinion, or a simple ‘number of likes’ to their own wall posting. Obviously this is a more sought after option simply because it is more believable and trustworthy than a search engine which is lacking the human touch. Studies show that Facebook already has over five hundred million users and counting! If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populous right behind China and India. If it grows with the same trends it has shown in the last few months, Facebook would in fifteen months equal the population of India!
To make use of the opportunities that Facebook provides, why not incorporate a ‘like’ button on your site, which automatically lets people promote your pages on Facebook? By the way, Facebook advertising is inexpensive compared to a conventional web site. Do keep in mind though – you could lose your Facebook friends quickly if you start spamming them – people just don’t take any spam these days!

News Sites and Social Bookmarking

You’d be surprised at the number of people today involved with social bookmarking. At times, such sites are for a niche target audience focused on a particular industry or trend, while others are more general. News sites also offer a suitable alternate to using search engines! People who take news sites seriously log on to their favorite sites for virtually any piece of information they may need – no more search engines for THESE people! Moreover, the tagging options on a news site, in addition to a search within the site, makes them pretty easy to figure out and navigate through. And then the human touch – you KNOW that a human user has approved of a piece of information when you see it tagged, so this again adds to the value of that information. You could add social bookmark links on your own site, to allow users to promote your pages with a simple click of the mouse. Most often people do not mind spending just one second to click and promote something that has proved to be a useful resource. Get accounts on the tried and tested bookmarking sites like Digg or Reddit. Again, promote only what is relevant, or you could end up being looked on as a spammer!

Search Engine Algorithms

Search Engines are getting better and better with time. Tactics that worked like a charm a few years ago may be ineffective today. This is because modern search engines are able to weed away the obvious tactics, and present the users with the real meat of the query. So this is why SEO tactics become less effective with every modern update to the search engine technologies. In other words, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to optimize size content in order to boost SEO rankings. On the other hand, off-site search engine solutions seem to still be working to boost site traffic.
Today, there is no shortcut! You need to ensure that your site provides meaningful and useful and relevant content to the audience. Keyword stuffed articles just do NOT work today! Give your users content that they are truly looking for, and that is the one tried and tested route to success, although it is not easy. In other words, stop putting out tons of keyword stuffed articles. instead, publish a few good ones that prove to be a genuine reference to Internet users, and you would be on the right track!


Blogging is today bigger than it ever was before. You can probably find a blog on every niche topic on the Internet. many bloggers use search engines to source out various points of information on a given topic, and publish a compiled report on their blogs. In such a scenario, their loyal readers would no longer wish to waste their time going through search engines all over again! Yes, this comes as a result of a building feeling of faith in the capabilities of the individual blog, and this is the route to take to the future of the Internet! If you scroll, up you will see the words ‘human point of view’ over and over in this article. No, we are not trying to stuff the article with key words, but it goes to show that the human element on the Internet is a crucial factor that can lead to the success or failure of a web site in today’s market.
If you are a blogger, why not try and round up some search engine results to offer a shortcut to your readers? If you own a web site, why not ensure you offer the kind of content that a blogger would pick up and compile?


many Internet users today use Twitter exclusively to gather information. It is far easier to raise a ‘Tweet’ than to do a search using a search engine, and what’s more the results are better as well. Twitter feeds also allow for just anyone to see what you are tweeting about (unless it is a private feed), so you are far more likely to get answers to what you may be looking for on Twitter, as compared to any other social networking site. You can find information on anything from the latest breaking news to scientific research, using Twitter! the ‘trends’ show you what other people are eagerly tweeting on, while Hashtags lets one focus on subjects of choice, and what others are saying about them. Twitter is nothing but a conversation on a huge scale, a conversation with strangers as well as friends – simple as that!
Today it is important for any business to have a Twitter presence, to interact with end users. Why not get top hear what the end user is saying about your business on Twitter? This can be a great feedback experience. Further, if you truly are a specialist in a given category, tweet about it! Once people are convinced about your expertise, they will turn to you time and again, and you will eventually have a string of faithful followers!

Favorite Sites

Most Internet users today already have favorite sites that they log on to without even having to utilize a search engine. Where does this leave room for page ranking to be affected by SEO? Some one looking for rental would just go straight to Craigslist, while a shopper may log on directly to Ebay. Once people are used to navigating around a certain web site, they think twice before using another. In such a scenario, why not try and get featured on some of the biggest sites in your niche? For example, if you run a local business, it makes far more sense to put up an ad on Craigslist, than to rely on SEO to get you your clients! If you have a business that sells products, try and get associated with Amazon! You get the point!

The Experienced Internet User of Today

Today’s Internet users are much more net savvy than users five years ago. Today’s net user knows exactly what key words get them the right results! This simply means that you will need to put up unique and relevant content than just articles with a lot of key words.


We’ve put down a lot on why SEO is not the greatest tool you have today. that said and done, it is not completely out dated either. certain industry niches still depend largely on search traffic, information sites for instance. Even in such a scenario, a site that provides their audience with unique and meaningful content is already a step ahead with SEO. The bottom line? Write useful content!


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