15 Helpful Web Based Broken Link Checkers

Broken link, or dead link is a link that point to an address that is unable to reach. If your blog or website has many broken links, then it may give a very bad impression for your readers and visitors. Furthermore, broken links will also affect your SEO ranking. It is because Google PR will directly affected by the quality of your internal and external links.
In my previous post about Wordpress SEO plugins, i had shared about Broken Link Checker, which is a Wordpress plugin that able to check your articles for broken links. However, if you are not Wordpress users, then you may not able to use this plugin.
So, i am going to share 15 helpful web based broken links checkers that able to use by everyone. These online tools able to check broken links without install any software or plugin.

1. W3C Link Checker

This Link Checker looks for issues in links, anchors and referenced objects in a Web page, or recursively on a whole Web site.
W3C Link Checker

2. Link Validation Spider

Simply enter your blog or website URL in the textbox and the spider will then go to your website to read and check for broken links. This spider doesn’t crawl links inside frames or Javascript or flash.
Link Validation Spider

3. Broken Link Checker from iWebTool

This is a simple and easy to use broken link checker from iWebTool. There is a simple tutorial on how to use this tool. iWebTool has a lot of tools for webmasters, including some SEO tools which i think worth a look if you have time.
Broken Link Checker from iWebTool

4. Broken Link Checker from AddMe.com

In order to use this service, you need to provide them your email address and categories of your website. Enter your URL and other necessary details, they will analyze your website for broken links and then send you a link for the completed report.
Broken Link Check from AddMe.com

5. LinkTiger

LinkTiger provides advanced link checking features such as email you when the broken links are found and has a dashboard with interactive interface. It manages to scan PDF, CSS, Flash and MS Office files for broken links too.

6. 2bone Link Checker

This link checker will only test regular HTML links. There are 2 different modes for you to choose: Express lane and ‘I can wait’ service. The Express lane will give faster result with 10 links being examine per page while the other mode will display all links all at once, with a longer waiting period.
2bone Link Checker

More Online Broken Link Checkers

These are the extra broken link checkers that i found. In most cases, you won’t need all of them. But these alternative link checkers will be useful when the link checkers that i mention above are down or unavailable.


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