What is Angela's and Paul's back link method and how will it help my website?

Almost every Google watcher and Search Engine Optimization book on the market will tell you that the leading Page 1 Google strategy is to get backlinks from authority sites that already have a high page rankings on Google.
PageRank(PR) was originally called that after Google founder Larry Page. Google decided early on that it's search engine would let the Internet vote on pages that were important. What was developed was an algorithm that takes many on-page and off-page factors but puts more relevance on website that have alot of votes. A vote is a link from another webpage on the Internet to your own website. A single vote however can be more important if a link comes from a website such as those that are categorized:
  • Sites with high page rankings (PR 4-9)
  • Official news websites
  • Educational (.EDU) websites
  • Government (.GOV)
If you hire a professional Search Engine Optimization company such as SEO Tech Masters or SEOMoz they will immediately optimize the front end of your pages for certain keywords and fix the mechanics of your website so that what they do on the back end has more relevance with the search engines such as Google. The next step is to create hundreds of backlinks from relevant high PageRank(PR) websites in order to get the target website higher PR rankings. Angela's and Paul's Backlinks has provided the top SEO companies as well as small to enterprise business staff with the Angela's and Paul's Quarterly Newsletter which outlines techniques and ways to obtain High PR page links to your website.

If you build, maintain, or provide SEO services to any clients or you are in charge of increasing the PageRank of any website, a subscription to Angela's and Paul's Backlinks Official Quarterly Newsletter is a must.
Angela's and Paul's Backlinks Newletter also covers the latest in what are called "on-page factors" such as how you select and use keywords on your web pages, and other basics like heading tags (H1, H2, etc) and alt tags to describe the images you’re using. On-page optimization is the art and science of creating optimized website pages.

The newesletter focus however is on "off-page" factors which is the second part of creating an SEO success story. And that’s where links come in. It is very challenging to get a game-changing number of links from web pages that already have a high PageRank score… which is why Google and the other search engines now rate the quality and quantity of backlinks so highly.

So how do you get links from so-called 'authority sites'?

Angela & Paul has done tremendous work on preparing the step by step documents to help you build links and have published it in our quarterly Angela's and Paul's Official Quarterly Newsletter. This newsletter will save you a lot of time looking for backlinks.

For those who have many years experienced in SEO, Angela's and Paul's Backlinks are common knowledge. Their method is quite simple as they find high PRwebsites that can place an internal link to your website. Most every website listed are ones that you can sign up and then create a link from within a profile page or a blog page.

It’s undeniable that Angela's and Paul's Backlinks have helped virtually every major SEO company and every major company found on today's highly competative keywords. Using the Angela's and Paul's Quarterly Newsletter is one of the most effective methods to build backlinks to your websites and help generate traffic that pushes your websites up to top on not only the major search engines, but all the search engine.


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