Search Engine Optimization Tips – Heading Tags and Why They Are Important Website SEO Elements

Search engine optimization for your website is critical if you want to see any type of success online. When you create a website, obviously the main goal is to get traffic or you are just wasting your time and money. Getting traffic does not happen through luck; there are some key pieces that must be present on your website that will allow the search engines to understand what your site is about and appropriately place you in the search engines.
The use of heading tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5) sends the message to the search engines of what your site is really all about. This is one way you can control how they interpret what is presented to them. Now, it goes without saying that the rest of the content of your site must support the context of your heading tags. You can not get away with placing unrelated words in your headings and then go off on a totally different topic in the content body of the page. This would do you no good whatsoever.
To use heading tags, the h1 is for the main keyword title of the page with the subsequent h2-h5 being lower in priority. You can very effectively communicate with the search engines by giving them clues as to which keyword phrases you would like to be ranked for and which are the most important to you. Every h-tag you use, should be keyword rich with your target phrase appearing as close to the first words as possible.
The first 3-4 words hold the most weight so do be sure to lead with the main phrase in your headings.
A good example of a tag would be : Heading tags – Why you should use them.
A bad example would be : Why you should use heading tags.
You should use related keyword phrases for the lower priority tags. h1 being the highest and reserved for your most important keywords and h5 the lowest.
By using on page SEO techniques, it is very easy to communicate with the search engines and get the desired results. It is only when you leave all of the key factors out that your website will not perform as you expect. There is no luck involved with getting traffic. It is only a matter of making sure you use every advantage possible and do the work involved with getting to the coveted page one placement.
Search engine optimization simply means talking to the search engines through the elements on your website. The more you talk, the more they listen.


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