Improving Your Conversion Rates Is Not Just About Increasing Your Traffic

There is a big misconception that you must have massive amounts of traffic to your website in order to improve the conversion rate of your web pages. While a decent amount of website visitors is necessary to make sales, it is the quality of that traffic that makes all the difference. It is actually quite easy to improve the number of buyers that come to your site.
Just getting people through the doors of your business does not guarantee you will make sales. You must make sure that the visitors are potential customers and not just “tire kickers and time wasters”. People just looking for general information on a subject are not typically buyers. The volume of unique visitors and interaction on your site may offer a slight benefit to your search engine placement but they will not put money in your pocket. In fact, tire kickers tend to cost money by using up your resources.

How do you eliminate the time wasters and increase sales?

The number one way to focus on buying traffic is by narrowing the keywords you use to draw people to your site. Here is an example: Let’s say your business is a cupcake store. You bake lovely cupcakes for birthdays, weddings, etc. Now let’s also assume that you are working hard to get traffic to your website in order to process more orders. You are building back links, doing social marketing, etc. You may well even be paying for someone to promote your site for you or even worse, paying for this traffic through pay per click advertising. All with the goal of getting more and more people looking for the keyword “cupcakes” to come to your site.
Unfortunately, probably 99% of those people coming to your site will most likely be looking for cupcake recipes and not looking to purchase any products from you. In this case, you are spending a great deal of resources, either your time or your money, on driving the wrong kind of traffic to your website.
Instead, you should focus all of your resources on promoting buyer keywords such as cupcake bakery, cupcake shop, buy cupcakes online, etc.  This will ensure that every visitor that comes to your website will already be shopping and are just looking for the right products or merchant to spend their money on.
Yes, you will likely see a drastic drop in the volume of traffic your site gets by doing this, but isn’t your time and money better spent on bringing traffic to your site that already has their credit card in hand going to give you a better return on investment? Your conversion rates will dramatically increase and you will not need as many visitors to your site in order to turn a decent profit.


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