Lucrative marketing method to get crazy exposure

Press releases are one of the most conventional promotional mechanism which do generate healthy traffic to your website. They are very easy to create and distribute and are easily pick by search engines.
I got a push on this subject from one of my friend who converse me yesterday regarding writing some good press releases.
So here is how it works. Firstly you must write some concise information about your release – sale, opening, announcement or any discount you are providing for a given period.
The content must be according to the taste of the audience and have proper grammar. Then compile a database of good online publications and look for editor who’s most likely to cover stories on your product / announcements/ services and send your story to them. Here is the list of few press releases sites:-
Most of these PR sites allow submissions free of cost. You shall also do online search to look for some other good ones as well.
Point to mind is if you are only doing press releases for gaining backlinks with SEO in mind and you have no real news for your audiences then its better not to use press release at all unless you have something remarkable to offer. So it’s good to check out this way of marketing as it’s a great source to accelerate substantial traffic within no time.

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