How to perform SEO? How should I start?

1. You should find the keywords throughout your product, and competence - This Tool: should help you find your keywords. You can paste a word that you think people would search for if wanting your service - and the tool will help you with new ideas.

2. Google is the most important - so good. I wouldn’t waste time doing the rest manually - u should use your time starting the SEO concerning Google.

3. Keywords should be used all over your website, URL, texts etc. The keywords are the words that you want good ranking on. So if Google should be interested in this, you have to show Google that what you are doing on your site is important for these keywords.

4. You can do a whole lot of thing, link building, typing on external blogs etc. You can find more information about this in here.

5. << this tool can help u find your rankings on Google; you have to know your keywords first though :) it’s not that good, but it works fine. Other u can use this: - just type your URL and press the button and you will find out about Page rank, Index etc.

6. SEO is not a onetime activity. You have to keep building your site, Links, Blogs, Texts etc. these actions will all help your staying on top of your game - and keep the high rankings that you will get.

7. Ivey come across a few - you should search the web - or maybe consider getting a SEO Company to help you get started (expansive though).


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