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So you have your own website or blog. So many people do these days. Web hosting and domain name registration is so affordable, anybody and their uncle could afford it.
However, just because everyone can afford a website, it doesn’t mean everyone knows how to run one. A lot goes into running a site, such as design, content, and promotion. Should you design your own, find a suitable template, or hire a professional designer? What about the copy? Are you a good enough writer or should you also have that part delegated to yet another professional? And then there is the promotion, which is where we will land for the purpose of this article about getting some free SEO advice.

Several aspects go into the promotion of a website and a big part is search engine optimization (or SEO). You want the search engines to find your site and be able to delineate the content so people can find and understand it. This task can also be given over to a professional – for a price.  Or you can get some free SEO advice. MakeUseOf can be a good source of free help when it comes to the topic of SEO.
free seo advice
However, the subject of this article is a tool that helps to give you direction when you are attempting to set your site up to be found. It’s called SEOrush and it’s free, making it possible for any website owner to make use of it.
SEOrush is as easy as entering the URL in the search box at the top of the screen and clicking the “Go!” button.
free seo advice
After giving it a few seconds, you will find the SEO results you will need to get an idea of the improvements you need to make.
The first list of results has to do with what kind of site information pops up about the URL. You’ll find information like the domain name, whois owner, creation date, average loading time, the country of the owner and a description.
free seo advice
You’ll notice that it only includes the information that can be found so there will be some blanks.
The next category of results has to do with how well the site is being indexed by the search engines.
free seo tools
It gives the number of pages indexed by each search engine and then a short conclusion as to what the numbers mean for the site and where improvement is needed.
Next we have the “validation, meta, pagerank and traffic” section.
free seo tools
I found this section particularly helpful because it let me know that I had no meta description set for my blog.  It found some WC3 errors that I should look into and it gave me a tip to help my Google Pagerank: “Try to get more linkbacks to your site” which I will do.
The “site ranks” section lists several ranking sites and the ranking for your URL on each. Sites listed are Technorati, QuantCast, Alexa, and
free seo tools
Personally, I didn’t do so well in this category partially because I haven’t put much importance on some of the sites on this list.  You may beg to differ, but that’s OK.
The last but not least of the categories of results has to do with “social resources.” These days it’s quite important that the social web is talking about your site.
I see my site doing OK as far as blog links go and Digg (for my stage at least) but I wonder if they can eventually work out some results for Twitter and maybe Facebook seeing as though there is a lot of social activity going on in those places these days.
As you can see, SEOrush can give you an idea about where you are doing well and where you need some improvement.  For me, like I said, I noticed I needed a Meta description so I went ahead and figured it out. I also need to look into some W3C errors and improve my listings and rankings on some of the sites listed.  We all need improvement, right?


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